Unique Places to Have a Wedding

Sure chapels, outdoor venues, and underneath a gazebo are all wonderful places to get hitched to your significant others, but they’ve been done before. If you are seeking to tie the knot with your spouse in style, then consider these unique locations. They are more available than you think, and might just put the magic back into your wedding plans.

First, you should know that getting some of these places wedding ready can be a major challenge, and might require a little more planning and foresight than normal. However, it can be done, and isn’t that extra magic worth the effort?

Museums and Converted Buildings

Going to a museum will require a small wedding, but it will also save a lot on decoration. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get married under a dinosaur skeleton? Art museums, history museums, and city museums can often be rented after hours for a wedding, and you won’t have to worry about entertainment!

The staff might even be able to provide tours through the museum once the wedding is done! Reusing converted buildings is also a great idea for a wedding venue, as old firehouses, factories, monasteries, and warehouses often come with plenty of space and their own amenities. If you want to have a unique wedding venue near Minneapolis know that most are even available for party space, making things easier for everyone!

Botanical Gardens and Boats

Getting married in a botanical garden or conservatory can definitely help those who love nature but also want an indoor wedding. These places are often filled with green plants, lots of natural light, and plenty of space to set up a ceremony and reception space. If you want an outdoor space, but don’t want to have the hassle of the weather raining on your parade, an indoor garden could work.

You’ll need to make sure that all your guests aren’t seasick for this one, and understand the rules, but having a wedding on a boat or a yacht can be a dream come true. Not only does it provide a changing background for photos as well as some glorious views, but it can also be something that you talk about for years after the fact. If you aren’t much for the actual sailing of a boat, there are several docked ships that can be rented out for a wedding.

Libraries and antique stores

We’ll duck back into the past for this one, but getting married surrounded by ancient literature and towering bookcases can be a magic all its own. Plus, you know it will be quiet! Antique stores can provide your wedding with some hidden gems and interesting decorations, and you’ll be able to mix and match the theme easily. Heck, there might even be a great bargain thrown in for you!

No matter where or how you want your wedding constructed or held, the people around you on your big day are something that everyone should cherish. As long as you have family and friends around you, then that’s all you really need to provide some magic.