Things Not To Do Before Going To The Dentists

For tears you have been told what you need to do in order to keep your teeth clean and your mouth healthy.  Well, here are things you should not do before visiting your family dentistry pico rivera

Don’t Eat Garlic

Taking a trip to the dentists isn’t the greatest experience but going there with a dirty mouth or bad breath from eating foul foods such as garlic will make your dentist unhappy.  When you eat garlic it is going to add a layer of garlic to your breath as well as get caught up in your teeth.

Don’t chew gum

Gum is okay in some situations but don’t eat it before you go to the dentists.  When you go to the dentist you don’t want to have gum or candy in your mouth.  You want to have a clean and fresh mouth.

Don’t spit

Spitting is a rude behavior to do.  When we spit we are releasing our germs into the environment.  The only place you should spit is in the sink after your dentists tells you to.

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Picking your teeth is not good

Don’t pick at your teeth.  When you pick at your teeth you are scratching at the enamel.  The only things that you should be putting on your teeth to clean them is a toothbrush, floss, mouth wash and water. 

Don’t brush your teeth with your finger

You want to brush your teeth with a toothbrush.  You will also want to toughly clean your toothbrush after every use.  Over time your toothbrush will begin to grow bacteria which will be transferred back into your mouth.

Don’t miss appointments

You need to keep your doctor’s appointments.  Not keeping your appointments can lead to poor oral health and eventually tooth decay and loss.  Try to have at least one appointment a year to have your teeth cleaned and maintained.